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Weather Almanac

This weather data application was once a part of Earth Update but was turned into its own stand-alone application. It currently has full datasets for Boston, Denver and Houston, but the ability exists to create supporting files for any location that has a readily available set of historical weather data. Each location can also be customized for sponsorship. In the example screens shown here, local TV stations supplied their logo and live updating weather image for use in the software as it was displayed in local malls and museums.

Weather Almanac is not currently being developed and is available as a FREE download. Contact us with questions and for more information.


Historical data for...

  • daily temperatures - record high, lows, and averages
  • daily rainfall - record high, lows, averages, including snowfall and year-to-date
  • 'This Day In Weather History' for the location

Daily calculations for...

  • sunrise, sunset, solar noon and day length
  • moonrise, moonset, transit time and phase

The central panel links to a live updating weather image from a source of your choice - usually linked to a sponsor's site

Sample screenshots