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Hot Spots sample screen

Hot Spots

This map exploration game lets the user test their knowledge of locations on the globe that are "hot" with respect to topics from 3 different categories, land, population, and water (3 additional categories are in development - air, biology, and energy).

The user is posed with a question about where on the globe something is located (e.g. "where do the most people live?", "where are the oceans the deepest?", "where does the most rain fall?"). They are then tasked with placing probes in those locations. The closer to the right answers, the higher the score. Before the clock expires, the user can update their score and move the probes to new locations. The map view can be enhanced with a geopolitical or topographic overlay to help pinpoint exact locations.

Hot Spots is available on the Earth Update CD and also as a FREE download.


  • beautiful true-color, topographic, and geopolitical world maps at several resolutions
  • 3 levels of zoom
  • configurable game time
  • configurable probe number
  • built in screensaver with configurable time to software reset
  • after time expires map can be explored indefinitely

Sample screenshots